This coming Thursday will be an opportunity to participate in an enlightening and refreshing conversation with senior staff in the new Cuyahoga County administration and Council about their work to make our county government more open and accessible to the people it serves and represents. We will also be joined by statewide Open Government advocate Catherine Turcer who can speak to how our county fits into the statewide context.

Here are our featured guests:

Joe Nanni, Chief of Staff, Council

Nicole Dailey Jones, Comm. Dir.

Majeed Makhlouf, Law Director

Jeff Mowry, Chief Info. Officer

David Merriman, Special Assistant
Catherine Turcer, Ohio Citizen Action

Using a community dialogue format called a “Fishbowl,” members from the audience will have a chance to actually join the featured guests at our roundtable to ask questions about work within the county and share their perspectives on the future of our county. It’s rare to have the chance for such an intimate conversation with our county’s leaders. Please come and add your insight to the dialogue.

The event will be THIS THURSDAY, June 30, 7:00 pm at Trinity Cathedral, Room C/D. The address is 2230 Euclid Ave., Cleveland and parking is available in the big open-space lot on Prospect between E 22nd and E 24th.


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