Here are some cool, Transparency-related projects and resources. Check ’em out!

The Ohio Redistricting Competition
The Ohio Redistricting Competition is a partnership of the League of Women Voters of Ohio, the Midwest Democracy Network & Ohio Citizen Action.  Because of improvements in computer software, Ohioans can participate more fully in the redistricting process and actually draw the lines. Thanks to Ohio Citizen Action’s Catherine Turcer for sharing the project with us!

The Center for Urban Pedagogy’s MAKING POLICY PUBLIC Project
“CUP is looking for advocates, organizations, and researchers with complex policy issues that need visual explanation. We seek advocates with a constituency who would directly benefit from an issue of Making Policy Public. While applicants need not be affiliated with an organization they must have a credible plan for distributing the completed publication to a target audience. Applicants should be interested in engaging in a collaborative design process and, most of all, interested in explaining an aspect of public policy.”

GOOD Magazine’s Transparency INFOGRAPHICS
For some amazing visuals (“infographics” is the more accurate term), check out GOOD turns complex policy matters into vibrant visuals that make everything a little easier to comprehend. We’d love to see more of these explaining our local government!


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