Who is the Cleveland Coalition?

We’ve gotten several requests for more information about the Cleveland Coalition and in the spirit of transparency, I figure we should publish the information right here on our site.

Here’s the 411: The collection of individuals that calls itself the Cleveland Coalition is a group of ten Clevelanders who organized ourselves in January of 2010. Our goal was to sponsor events and activities that would stimulate civic dialogue in a productive fashion about issues that affect our quality of life in the Greater Cleveland area.

This core group has been playing the role of an Advisory Board over the past year: planning and executing our events and determining advocacy strategy relative to our two projects (Cleveland’s casino and the TAP Summit). This group consists of: Ahmed Abonamah, Jason Bristol, Fran DiDonato, David Jurca, Kevin Leeson, Nick Martin, Beth Sebian, Gauri Torgalkar, Graham Veysey, and Eric Wobser.

Given our recent success in acquiring funding through the Gund Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation for the TAP Summit, we are considering more carefully the question of how we can sustain and grow our efforts and how we can expand our organization to incorporate more voices and ones that bring an intimate knowledge of our community’s needs and have some moxie for making stuff happen. Our internal review will culminate in a board retreat scheduled for October of this year.

Our organization admittedly needs to incorporate more diverse leadership and membership (we are all keenly aware of this!) and we hope that following a thoughtful planning process, we can grow the capacity to build our group in a way that’s respectful of the responsibilities we bear to our community here in Cleveland.

Read a little more about us here: “Encouraged by a new generation of believers: Brent Larkin,” The Plain Dealer (June 6, 2010)


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