Facilitator: Jenita McGowan
Three major takeaways
1) County Stat is a new program that started six months ago and it is County-wide. There is still opportunity to shape what is measured and how that information is shared with the public. The vision of the breakout group is to make the County Stat process and outcomes transparent, participatory and collaborative.

2) Recommendation: County Stat should be easily Accessible and Understandable statistics. Specific action steps- create visual displays such as dashboards or infographics, make the information sortable, interactive and customizable, consider non-digital displays such as posters at County buildings that show the agency’s statistics and goals.

3) Recommendation: County Stat should be advised by a Citizen Input Group that can add input on other metrics that measure quality of life. Citizens will need a “County 101” course to understand the functions and organizational structure of the governement in order to help inform. Specific action steps: engage citizens and found out the ways in which they access the government,

Next Steps
1) CountyStat Coordinator Jennifer Scofield will consider suggestions and determine which are feasible to act upon. Suggestions include: Online complaint tracking, 3rd party validation, non-digital format for those without internet, reports available in real-time if they are in the public domain, engage participation from citizens in determining what metrics are important to measure from their perspective.

2)The list of participants interested in pursuing this further will reconvene in September with the larger group

Why Measure Performance?: http://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/shulockn/executive%20fellows%2004-05/Behn%20why%20measure%20performance.pdf
Montgomery County Stat, Maryland: http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/mcgtmpl.asp?url=/content/exec/stat/index.asp
City of Cleveland Stats: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/clnd_images/PDF/2010MayorsAnnualReport.pdf
“Performance Leadership,” Video of Harvard Kennedy School’s Robert Behn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgXQcmVOmPU

Performance Statistics: Statistics used by governments that are a Performance Measure used to: Evaluate, control, budget, motivate, promote, celebrate, learn, and improve.

Cuyahoga County Stat is used to collect Universal and Critical Measures in different agencies under the County Executives Administration.

Universal Measures are operational and relevant across agencies. Ex: sick days, number of fleet vehicles.

Critical Measures are agency specific. Ex: # of outstanding warrants at the County Sheriff’s office.

SMART Objectives are used to determine how much the change the County can achieve and by when. S: Specific, M: Measurable, A: Attainable, R: Realistic and T: Timely.


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