Facilitator: David Jurca, Jeff Schuler
Three major takeaways

    1. The County would like to have an Open Data Advisory Group to help prioritize which data sets should be made available first.
    2. The group really liked the Open Data Philly website and the group would like to use this as a best practice to model in Cuyahoga County.
    3. More organizations and individuals currently gathering county-wide data need to be engaged in the open data website development process.

Next Steps

  1. Create a Google Group with email list of all attendees of the Open Data session and the Mobile & Web Apps session (Jeff Schuler & David Jurca)
  2. A Google Doc list of best practices will be shared with members of the Google Group and members will individually investigate the best practices before the next meeting (Jeff Schuler & David Jurca)
  3. A Doodle Poll will be created and shared with all Google Group members in order to schedule the next meeting (Jeff Schuler & David Jurca)

Important Dates

Week of August 8: Follow up meeting with attendees of the Mobile and Web Apps group to craft the agenda for a larger meeting with representatives from data gathering organizations in Cuyahoga County
Mid-September: Meeting with representatives from data gathering organizations in Cuyahoga County

Web app: an application that is accessed over a network such as the Internet or an intranet.

Mobile app: The word “app” is short for “application”, and a “mobile app” is software that runs on a handheld device (phone, tablet, e-reader, iPod, etc.) than can connect to wifi or wireless carrier networks, and has an operating system that supports standalone software.

NEO CANDO (Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Indicator Data): http://neocando.case.edu/cando/index.jsp
Open Data Philly: http://opendataphilly.org/
Greater Portland Public Data: http://www.civicapps.org/


One Response to Pilot Project | Mobile and Web Apps

  1. Jeff Schuler says:

    This conversation is continuing via an email list and face-to-face meetings.

    Please join us at http://groups.google.com/group/tap-open-data

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