County Representatives
Lorena Lockett, Director, Office of Procurement and Diversity
David Merriman, Special Assistant to the Executive

Kevin Leeson, Jenny Spencer, and Gauri Torgelkar

Three Key Takeaways

  1. The County already has strong policies and procedures in place to ensure an ethical and transparent procurement process. Evading County policies is no longer an option.
  2. More can be done to illustrate to a non-expert audience the policies and procedures in place; expanding the basic information available online would instill confidence.
  3. Transparency in the context of procurement requires targeted work to very specialized vendor audiences. Transparency work in this area should target the relationship and communication between county government and these audiences.

Next Steps

  1. Complete ethics training for County employees and prospective vendors; generate lists of businesses that have undergone training.
  2. Use lists to notify prospective bidders of available opportunities. Increase amount of detail published online through upgrades to the BuySpeed system.
  3. Reinforce culture of even-handedness and openness within the County; improve public trust by providing examples of how following processes saves public money.



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