The Five Conditions of Collective Success (Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011)

As we set about to organize the TAP Summit, we’ve drawn from best practices established by other collaborative endeavors.

Research by FSG Social Impact consultants John Kania and Mark Kramer shows that successful collective impact initiatives typically have five conditions that together produce true alignment and lead to powerful results:

1) a common agenda
2) shared measurement systems
3) mutually reinforcing activities
4) continuous communication
5) backbone support organizations

Read the full journal article here. h/t Lucas Cioffi


Cleveland Coalition member Beth Sebian participated at the Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Camp, an “unconference“ in DC. Video includes a shout-out to Cleveland and some powerful ideas about transparency:

It’s a beautiful citizen uprising. But it’s not an uprising that says we’ve come here to destroy or tear you down…it’s an uprising that says “we’ve come here to help you be more efficient.”

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