“What is Transparency?” presentation by Cleveland Coalition member Beth Sebian.


Includes presentation by Cuyahoga County Public Policy Fellows, County Executive Edward FitzGerald, and County Councilman Dave Greenspan.


Community Activist Gigi Traore talks about how transparency is about making information available and accessible, as well as ensuring that all communities have a seat at the table.

How can we make information available and accessible for everyone in Cuyahoga County. That will be the game changer.


June 29, 2011 – County Executive FitzGerald presents at the second of 11 town halls to be held across the county over the next year.


Powerful ideas and inspiration from Sunlight Foundation Executive Director Ellen Miller at the City Club of Cleveland on July 1, 2011. Audio from last week’s City Club forum is also up. Podcast available here.

Thank you again to the Sunlight Foundation, Ellen Miller and all their AMAZING staff (woot woot!) for helping us shoot for the stars with this project. Thanks as well to the Gund Foundation for their generous support and the City Club for their contributions and help.


County Councilor Julian Rogers talks about how openness is required for meaningful engagement and trust.


Patrick Bresette, Associate Program Director, Demos
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 (City Club, Cleveland)

When people are reminded of the mission and purpose of government and given vivid and concrete images of the public systems necessary to achieve those goals, they can engage in questions about government in a more pragmatic, reasonable and problem solving manner. Despite the power of consumerism, people are ready to be called to act as civic-minded participants in community life.


Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee Director Greg Coleridge shares his thoughts on transparency and how it is essential to a self-governing society.


County Councilman Dave Greenspan sits down with us to talk about what County Council has done to make Cuyahoga County more transparent and accountable. These Transparency Talks are sponsored by the Cleveland Coalition and the Civic Commons and are part of the Transparency Action Plan 2011 Summit. Thanks to the Civic Commons for their partnership (www.theciviccommons.com)


Cleveland’s David Jurca shares his thoughts on transparency and how it means more than access to reams of paperwork.

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